Playing Dreamscape: Laruna

Playing Dreamscape: Laruna

Dreamscape: Laruna uses ODAM’s Over/Under die system. The Over/Under system combines simple die rolling with a point-based system that allows players a high level of control over the results of their rolls. The core mechanics of the Over/Under system are available in our free rules primer,  which can be found on our down page:

In short, when a character's ability to do something is tested, the player rolls 2 ten-sided dice, one negative and one positive. That roll is then added to the character's Ability Score, and that end result in compared to a difficulty.

When exceeding the difficulty, the difference between the difficulty and the player's end result is converted to a currency called CAP. CAP is then spent to further adjust the success of the character's actions. For example, a player could spend 5 CAP to make a fireball fly a little further, or 10 CAP to make it explode and do more damage.

No matter what a character is doing - casting spells, swinging a sword, or composing a love letter, CAP allows a player to refine their results in a manner beyond simply checking if they passed or failed.

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Grow in Power

While Legacy Bearers have skills and spells that they learn through experience, their Legacy's power only increases by absorbing the Legacy of others. Each time an enemy with Legacy or Corruption is defeated, your character absorbs that Legacy back into themselves, allowing them to travel along the Legacy Arc.

Every character archetype has its own unique Legacy Arc that contains 5 nodes. Whenever a character absorbs enough Legacy to rank up, the player simply chooses from the options made available to him at the next node. When the player reaches the end of their Arc, they simply start again, keeping all of the bonuses they earned their first time through. This means every time you raise your Legacy Rank, you are choosing exactly how you're improving. Do you need some bonus Strength? What about learning a new Technique? Each trip around the Arc has you make a different choice, allowing you to customize your character each step of the way. And no referencing long tables or charts - you'll always know what node is next, and what rewards are awaiting you after you take down that next Kreesh!

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Laruna: Land of Dreams and Magic

While Dreamscape: Laruna can be played on its own as a stand alone game, it truly shines when combined with our first title, Of Dreams And Magic. When used alongside Of Dreams And Magic, Laruna functions as a Dreamscape - a persistent dream the characters of ODAM may travel to. 

Dreamscape: Laruna includes information on how to incorporate the world of Laruna into your Waking World campaign. It will demonstrate how going into and out of Laruna will affect ODAM characters. Of course, it includes plenty of new Remnants, Magical Abilities, and Artifacts that can be taken by players from Laruna, and brought back into the Waking World.


An Anima uses their Soulbender abilities in the Waking World.