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"Of Dreams and Magic" [Review] - Northern Gaming Network

Matthew Henderson of Northern Gaming Network had high praise for Of Dreams and Magic after reading through the hardcover core rulebook, learning the system, and creating a few characters:

"From Character development to the in-game engine itself, this is a game that truly feels like it rewards players who are creative and invested in the world, rather than merely rewarding those players who are able to combine all of the best feats together to create a superhero.  All of this, added on to the truly deluxe feeling of the book makes this a game that I cannot recommend enough!  If you are looking for a new RPG to try out this holiday season, you can't do much better than Of Dreams and Magic, from ODAM Publishing."

Read the full review on the NGN website.

Brigadecon 2015 - "Not only of light and sound"

ODAM Fan Michael (aka whatislife42) told a great Of Dreams And Magic session, and fortunately enough, recorded it as a live play and sent it to us. We think it's a very clever application of what Of Dreams And Magic has to offer. On top of all that, it's an entertaining and engaging watch, so check it out!

#Gamenight - Indie+ 

November 15th, 2014

ODAM Publishing Q&A - Hardboiled GMshoe

November 14th, 2014

The RPGNet IRC is a great place to meet game creators and players. While you can drop in at any time to take part in some great conversations, their Q&As are a highlight. Dan serves as a great host and moderator, and the Q&As are a great way to learn more about new products. You can find our own Q&A here.  

Of Dreams and Magic (Beta) Review - Rolling Boxcars

November 9th, 2014

Modoc, host of the the great gaming blog Rolling Boxcars wrote a nice review of the Of Dreams and Magic beta. You can check out the review here.  

Modoc's blog is a great source for news and general opinion on all types of tabletop gaming. His reviews are really well written and informative (and we're not just saying that because he gave us a good one!). Definitely check Rolling Boxcars out, as Modoc does a great job.

Of Dreams and Magic (Beta) Review - Melvin Smif's Geekery

November 4, 2014

Melvin Smif's Geekery was kind enough to talk with us for a few minutes and offered a nice writeup of Of Dreams and Magic here.

ODAM Publishing Founders Interview - The Other Side (Timothy Brannan Blog)

October 14th, 2014

The Other Side blog by Timothy Brannan hosted an interview with ODAM Publishing's founders; John and Matt. The Other Side's content is near and dear to our hearts as it focuses on magic and magic users. Tim updates regularly and always has really unique content. Check out the interview here

Of Dreams and Magic Gameplay Review - Stories from the Table

October, 2014

The next best thing to playing a game with Andrea (which is always a fun time!) is reading her blog about her gaming experiences. Andrea offers unique insights into her play sessions and gives a "players-eye-view" of a multitude of game systems. She wrote up her experience playing with us here

If You Believe In Magic… Talking Of Dreams and Magic With ODAM Publishing - Gamer-XP

Gamer-XP is a great resource of gaming news and conducted an interview with us here