How To Play


You can download the pre-release rulebook from Board Game Geek here:


When playing solo, the Nemesis is controlled through the use of Countdown Tokens and automated hand play. 

One card is played from the Nemesis' hand per turn, and then discarded as normal, with the discard pile eventually becoming the new Nemesis deck. 

Each card that enters the 3-card Dreamscape is given a number of Countdown Tokens based on the card's Conviction cost. (Any cards that are played that grant the Nemesis Conviction reduce the Countdown Tokens on all Dreamscape cards.) Once all of a Dreamscape card's countdown tokens are removed, the card goes into play and then is discarded (unless it is a Permanent, like in regular play.)

CardWeaver's solo mode presents an interesting challenge, as the player is given more open information than in a multiplayer game, but also cannot rely on luck, time, or poor play to help mitigate the Nemesis threat. It can be an odd and thrilling experience knowing that a powerful card like the Cult of Blood & Fire is hitting the table next turn, and you have to scramble your resources to handle this new threat.