Dreamscape: Laruna

Your Legacy is Power | Dreamscape:Laruna

Laruna is a dream world corrupted by stolen power. You have been blessed with the Legacy of ancient heroes and imbued with god-magic. You must defend yourself and the land from the fearsome Kreesh, creatures whose Legacy has twisted them into dark monsters with only one goal: your destruction. As a Legacy Bearer, you are the only thing strong enough to stop the Kreesh. But why stop there? With your power, you can defeat armies and rule kingdoms. Will you rule or serve? Will you protect the people or use them as fodder? Will you work with other Legacy Bearers to save Laruna, or defeat them to increase your own power? The choice is yours. What will your legacy be?

What is Dreamscape: Laruna

Dreamscape: Laruna is the second tabletop RPG book by ODAM Publishing. It can be used as an independent product or as a supplement to ODAM Publishing’s first RPG, Of Dreams And Magic. Dreamscape: Laruna is a game where the players are granted amazing power, and must choose how to use it. As a full color, 400+ page book, it is available in both hardcover and digital PDF format.

Set in a fantasy world named Laruna, players assume the role of Legacy Bearers - people who have inherited the magic of the gods. It focuses on telling stories about special people who have been born with extraordinary powers and how they handle living in a world that is plagued by this power’s presence. They will find corrupted lands, face creatures filled with god-magic, and see how their power thrusts them into the political landscape of their world. Characters will be given dramatic, world affecting abilities and playgroups can craft campaigns showcasing all the things that come with this power; social implications, kingdom wide conflict, monster hunts both big and small, as well as struggling with the machinations of their fellow Legacy-bearing kin.

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